The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games we love so much today can be traced back to over two thousand years ago and have a rich and varied history.

Although legends date the Olympic Games back to 776 BC, there are many different opinions on when they began.

The Olympic Games were more than just an opportunity to display physical prowess. They were also a time for the Greek people to offer sacrifices to their mythical gods including Zeus.

The Olympic Games grew in popularity and more games were added. Soon, the event lasted four days consecutively.

The games were almost stopped after the Romans seized power and Christianity declared the games sacrilegious.

However, there was a revival of Olympic Games in the 1800’s. In Paris in 1894, it was decided that the Olympic Games would relaunch in Athens.

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The first games were held in 1896 and became the most important sporting event on an international scale. These games attracted nearly 250 athletes from all over the globe and quickly became a hit.

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Four years later, the traditional games were held again. Four years later, the second games were held in Paris, France. They became more popular.

The Olympic Games are one of the most popular sporting events in the world today, with over 203 countries taking part.

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The games are a unique way to bring people from different countries together. More countries participate in the Games than the United Nations.

The Olympic Games are thriving today and 2008 is expected to see a record-breaking turnout.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

Olympic games are my true passion, in this blog I share Olympics secrets from Ancient Greek Olympics till nowadays.