The Makings of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in February of 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea, as announced on July 6, 2011.

This will be the second time that South Korea acts as host city for the Olympic Games but the first time that they are hosting the Winter Olympics.

The 1988 Summer Olympic Games took place in Seoul, South Korea. There is a great deal of preparation that goes into hosting the Olympics and as such, the Pyeongchang Coordination Commission was formed in October of 2011 in order to coordinate all Olympic planning.

The Coordination Commission is tasked with putting together a master plan for designing the Olympic venue among other things.

The Pyeongchang Coordination Commission has gotten off to a good start and as of March 2012, construction had already begun on the Olympic Village.

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The venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics will consist of the Alpensia Cluster, located in Daegwallyeongmyeon, the Coastal Cluster, located in Gangneung, and the Bokwang Phoenix Park, and Jungbong, both of which will be stand-alone venues.

The clusters will consist of the following buildings:

Alpensia Cluster – Daegwallyeongmyeon

  • Olympic Park of Hoenggye – home of the opening and closing ceremonies
  • Alpensia Biathlon Centre – the site of all biathlon competitions
  • Alpensia Sliding Center – where the bobsled, luge, and skeleton portions of the Games will occur
  • Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium – the home of Nordic combined and ski jumping
  • Alpensia Nordic Center – where Nordic combined and cross-country skiing will take place
  • Yongpyong Resort – the site where the giant slalom and slalom alpine skiing competitions will occur
  • Olympic Village – home to all the athletes
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Coastal Cluster – Gangneung

  • Union Hockey Center – where ice hockey games will take place
  • Gyeongpo Ice Hall – the site of figure skating and short track speed skating
  • Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink – the home of curling during the Games
  • Gangneung Sports Complex Speed Skating Facility – the facility where speed skating will take place

Along with all of the preparations of the buildings that will house the games and the athletes participating in the games, some of the infrastructure in and around Pyeongchang also needs to be improved and updated.

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In order to accommodate travel, construction began in June 2012 on a high-speed rail line that will connect Seoul with Pyeongchang.

Preparing to host the 2018 Winter Olympics is a huge undertaking for the city of Pyeongchang and country of South Korea.

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The cost of the Olympic Games can be staggering to the host country with the price ranging from many millions to even billions of dollars.

The Pyeongchang 2018 Coordination Committee has gotten off to a great start in their quest to plan the 2018 Winter Olympics.

With construction already started and proper planning going forward, South Korea will be ready to host to Winter Olympics in 2018.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

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