The First Olympics

Ancient Greece hosted the first Olympics to honor Zeus, the father-of-the gods, and other Greek gods. The only event in the original Olympics was running.

As they started to hold the Olympic ceremony at every Olympiad (a Greek term for four-year intervals), more events were added.

Although one of the great God Zeus’ sons was believed to have invent the first Olympic Games, many historians disagree on the matter.

It is so ancient history that it is difficult to verify the facts. There is much speculation about how the whole thing happened.

In these ancient times, the Olympic was increasingly popular. Statues of many of the winners of these games were carved. They were also given olive branches and large amounts of money for their victories.

One thing we can add about the first Olympics, and all of the ancient Greece Olympics that followed it is that all fighting and wars were stopped to celebrate.

Many of the participants were young Greek soldiers. The ancient Olympic Games, and especially the first Olympic Games, saw all competitors compete in the nude.

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Poetry and minstrels from the time wrote many poems and sang praises for the great athletes of that time. Although they were young Greek-free men, many of them were also soldiers.

Another rule was that only men were allowed to compete. Women were permitted to compete only after equestrian events were added to the future Olympics.

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The competitors had to swear to Zeus, and declare that they had been in training for ten consecutive months before the Olympics. This helped to ensure their physical health and guaranteed a competitive Olympics.

Author: Emma Klarsten

Olympic games are my true passion, in this blog I share Olympics secrets from Ancient Greek Olympics till nowadays.