Summer Olympic Sports

Since their inception over 100 years ago, the Summer Olympic Sports has seen many changes. Now this international sporting event is the most watched and followed every four years.

From a competition of forty-three men in three events, the Olympic Games has grown to include over ten thousand participants from more than two hundred countries.

The Summer Olympic Sports are on the rise and the International Olympic Committee plans to add more sports to these events. Many believe that there are many sports that should be included in the Olympics today.

Today’s Summer Olympic Sports include some of the original Summer Olympic Sports from 1896 such as fencing, swimming, and wrestling.

Sports have changed so much that new ones will be needed and will continue being added. Other Summer Olympic Sports include diving, swimming, cycling, freestyle BMX, boxing and baseball.

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Skateboarding has been the subject of much speculation. Skateboarding is a very exciting and physical sport that many people believe belongs in the summer events.

Over 100 years, the International Olympic Committee has done a wonderful job organizing the Olympic events.

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Every four years, the Summer Olympics receives a bigger response. Many great cities around the world have the chance to host the Olympics, which is something they do well.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

Olympic games are my true passion, in this blog I share Olympics secrets from Ancient Greek Olympics till nowadays.