Olympic games in Tokyo will be held without spectators

The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee in a joint statement confirmed the decision taken after consultations with the Japanese government and the Tokyo authorities. Fans will not be admitted to most of the Olympic events.

This unprecedented step is directly related to the fact that on July 8, the Japanese government introduced a state of emergency in Tokyo from July 12 to August 22. 

As stated in a statement published on the official website of the Games, “this measure is aimed at reducing human flows to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, since at the moment the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection remains high and the number of infected is growing.”

The ban on fans from attending competitions applies to those territories where the emergency regime is in force. In addition to facilities located in Tokyo itself, spectators will not be allowed to compete in Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama prefectures. 

As for other regions of the country, where at the moment less stringent security measures are in force, additional consultations with the authorities will be held here, based on the current situation.

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The admission limit of 10 thousand people with no more than 50% of the arena occupancy remains at the Olympic venues in Fukushima, Miyagi and Shizuoka, and in Ibaraki prefecture students from local schools will be able to attend the educational program. The issue of admitting spectators to Hokkaido Prefecture is under negotiation.

– We have demonstrated responsibility from the very first day when the decision was made to postpone the Games, and we are demonstrating it today. 

Therefore, we will support any measures that are necessary for a safe Olympic Games, ”said IOC President Thomas Bach , who flew to Tokyo the day before.

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Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike expressed sympathy for all fans who bought tickets in advance. But she stressed that the authorities had no other option in this situation.

Executive Director of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee Toshiro Muto , in turn, explained that the ban will not apply to members of official delegations who can be present in the stands. 

At the same time, the number of service personnel and volunteers will be revised taking into account the fact that many of them were supposed to help the fans, and now these responsibilities will not be required.

The decision not to admit spectators will lead to significant financial losses for the organizers of the Games. 

Before the start of the pandemic, 4.48 million tickets were sold, and the revenue planned for this item of income was more than $ 820 million.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

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