Meaning of the Olympic Rings

The meaning of the Olympic Rings has a symbolic meaning. It was created by a Frenchman named Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who was also the founder of International Olympic Committee.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin desired that there be an important meaning to the Olympic rings. He also wanted the flag to be accepted by all nations.

This flag was to become part of the new Olympic Tradition. The flag is still flown in the Winter and Summer Olympic events. This is as important as the traditional Olympic torch.

Original thoughts about the meaning of the Olympic rings displayed on the Olympic Games flag are that they represent the symbolism of five different colored rings interconnected together.

These five multicolored Olympic rings represent the five continents from which the athletes traveled to participate in these Olympic sporting events.

The interlocking rings of the Olympic flag are symbolic because they show that all nations can compete in the Olympic Games.

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Although the meaning of the Olympic colors are not important, the five colors of each Olympic ring and the white background contain at least one flag from every country.

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Although the original design for the Olympic flag was created in 1914, it was not used in the Olympic Games until 1920 when it was held in Antwerp, Belgium. Since then, it has been flown at every Olympic Event that was not cancelled by war.

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