History of Olympics

The history of Olympics can be traced back to ancient Greece, when they celebrated Zeus with many days of celebrations, praise, and sporting events.

Only men from Greece were allowed to participate back then, and women were not permitted. The History of Olympics, which began with the founding of the first Olympics was started by Heracles, a son of Zeus.

Many events were held in running, as well as chariot racing events and games to determine who could throw a javelin farest.

The same thing was done with a heavy-metal discus. The ancient Olympics were thought to have begun in 776 B.C. They were around 12 centuries old when they were stopped by the Church for being too sacrilegious.

After the ancient Greek games, the History of Olympics began again in Greece in 1896. This is when the International Olympic Committee was founded by a French gentleman.

With only a handful of events and a small number of countries competing, the History of Olympics began again.

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They wanted the Olympics to be held in every major city and market around the globe. This would attract people from all corners of the world and would benefit many cities.

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Over the years, the Olympics have seen tremendous growth and restructuring. Both the Summer and Winter Olympics are closely watched from every corner of the globe.

Each Olympic event has a record-breaking moment or other thrills to keep people engaged. The number of countries involved in the Olympics keeps growing.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

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