Five Rings: 6 Fun Facts About the Olympics

127 years ago, at the initiative of Pierre de Coubertin, a congress was held on the establishment (and in fact, on the resumption of the holding) of the Olympic Games. 

This year’s Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo from July 23rd to August 8th. Let’s hope that the coronavirus will no longer be able to interfere, as it did last year, but for now, here are six interesting facts about the Olympic Games.

The five rings of the Olympic flag symbolize the five continents linked by friendship. 

Rumor has it that each continent had its own color (Europe – blue, Asia – yellow, Africa – black, Australia – green and America – red), but there is no evidence that Pierre de Coubertin distributed the colors in this way.

The Games of the XV Olympiad, which began in 1952 in Helsinki, formally continue to this day. 

The then IOC President Siegfried Edström was so carried away at the closing ceremony that he forgot to utter the key phrase: “I declare the Games of the XV Olympiad closed.” Therefore, these games never officially ended.

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The 1924 Olympics spawned the sport of biathlon. 

This sport was originally called “military patrol”. It included skiing, rifle shooting and ski mountaineering.

In 1932, Brazil sent its athletes to the Olympic Games without money, but with a full cargo of coffee. 

They were supposed to sell the product and secure funding for themselves. Alas, the idea did not work, so some Brazilian athletes paid for their own needs, and some even returned home.

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At the rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the XI Winter Olympic Games in 1972 in Japan, one spectator noticed that the order of the colored rings on the flag was mixed up. 

Then it turned out that the wrong flag had been flown at all the Winter Olympic Games for 20 years, and no one noticed anything.

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For more than a hundred years, Olympic gold medals for the first place have not been gold, but only gold-plated. 

Previously, they were made of pure gold, but since 1912 they have been made of silver, after which they are covered with a thin layer of gold.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

Olympic games are my true passion, in this blog I share Olympics secrets from Ancient Greek Olympics till nowadays.