First Olympic Games

In Athens, Greece in 1896, the first Olympic Games (or at least the Olympic Games) were held. The Panathenaic Stadium was the venue for these first Olympic Games.

It could hold fifty thousand spectators. These Olympic Games saw fourteen countries participate and two hundred forty-one athletes compete in forty-three different events.

Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman who was involved in the first Olympic Games’ organization, also founded the International Olympic Committee which still organises the modern-day Olympics.

Although the king of Greece desired the Olympics to be held in Athens once every four years, the International Olympic Committee had already planned the 1900 Olympics for Paris. They also planned on hosting a new host city every four years.

Some events originally scheduled for the Olympic Games were cancelled because of weather problems, among other reasons.

Water sports such as rowing and yachting were among those that were cancelled. Football and cricket were also supposed to be events, but they didn’t happen.

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At the first Olympic Games, events did take place in cycling, fencing and gymnastics. The closing ceremonies took place on the tenth of the nine-day event.

This was the day King George of Greece said he wanted to see the Olympics in Athens every four years. The Games of the I Olympiad were the first modern Olympics.

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They are a significant historical event that is still popular today. It is great that you can now watch the Olympics from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are located in the world.

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