Ancient Olympic Wrestling

Ancient Olympic Wrestling in Ancient Greece shared many similarities with modern Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling.

In Ancient Greece, there were many more rules than those used by the modern Olympics and Professional Wrestling Associations.

In 708 B.C., the first match in Ancient Wrestling was held. Two types of Ancient Olympic Wrestling were available, each with its own set of rules.

However, these rules were very limited. The main differences were how matches were fought and the holds used.

The opponents would cover themselves in olive oil and some type of dust to make it easier for each other to grip as they wrestled in muddy pits.

Ancient Olympic Wrestling rules prohibit punching and you cannot gouge your opponent’s eyes with your fingernails.

Tripping and biting are also prohibited. Everything else was legal, except for these few points. There were two types of Ancient Olympic Wrestling, as previously mentioned.

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Kato Pale was a ground wrestling style. The opponents fought until one gave up, and then he raised his arm with his index finger to acknowledge defeat.

Orthia Pale was the second type of wrestling found in the ancient Olympics. It was upright wrestling. In upright wrestling, you had to knock your opponent down three times to win.

Both men and boys could compete. They were also the only classes in wrestling today, which is categorized by weights.

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Milon of Croton, a man who won his first title in the boys category at the Ancient Olympic Wrestling Games, went on to win five Olympic titles and 32 overall wrestling championships.

The Olympics were held for five days. Wrestling was on the third day and fourth day. Boys aged 17 to 20 years competed on day three, followed by the men on day four.

Day five of the Olympics did not host any sporting events. It was usually used for honors and closing ceremonies.

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