Ancient Olympic Games

The Ancient Olympic Games were very different from the modern-day Olympics. They can be traced back in ancient Greek mythology.

The name of the games comes from “Olympiad”, which is four years. Because the Olympic Games were held every four year, the name Olympiad was perfect.

The ancient Olympic Games were part of a religious ceremony to honor Zeus, the Greek god. The Olympic Games were as popular back then as they are today.

People from all over Greece joined the games to represent their communities. The Ancient Olympic Games had some other differences from the modern Olympics.

For example, only men who could speak Greek were allowed to compete. This was in contrast to today’s world where everyone can participate.

Although there were fewer events back then than today, many of the ancient Greek events are still being practiced today. The Olympics were held at the same location back then, which is not the case today.

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Many of the ancient Olympic Games’ sports were similar to boxing. However, there were fewer rules at the time and fighters would wrap their fists with leather and fight until the opponent was unconscious.

The Ancient Olympic Games also featured a variety of equestrian events, including single horse races and chariot racing.

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Pankration was another sport that was a mix of boxing, wrestling and other sports. The rules for opponents were to have bare fists, and there was no face-gouging or biting.

The Ancient Olympic Games had a few other competitions, such as the Pentathlon. This was a five-part competition that included a discus throwing competition and a javelin throwing competition.

The third part was a long jumping competition and the final parts were running or wrestling. Although the rules of wrestling were very similar to modern Roman Greco wrestling, you could do much more and even break your opponents’ fingers back then.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

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