Ancient Olympic Events

In the beginning, the ancient Olympic events had one running event. The festival was first held for Zeus in the year 2000.

Every four years thereafter, many more events were added to the ancient Olympic events. In Greek mythology, one of the stories about the origins of the Olympic Games is discussed.

Hera ordered Zeus’ son Hercules to kill his children. To save his pride and honor, he was made to serve the King Eurestheus who was his cousin.

He cleaned all his horses’ stalls. The Olympic Games were allegedly organized by Hercules to commemorate his release from the agony he endured under Eurestheus.

Many of the ancient Olympic events featured different races that athletes could run in. Many horse chariot races became popular during the time of the ancient Greeks.

Other extreme events at the ancient Olympics included a brutal boxing competition where the fighters would fight until the end.

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The other option was wrestling, where fighters would dress in oil and fight in mud pits till one of them conceded defeat by tapping out.

The hurling events were a popular Ancient Olympic event. Here, competitors competed to see who could throw heavy metal discs and javelins the farthest.

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These games were beloved in Greece, where all the winners became heroes and icons for all the Greek slaves and peasants.

They were also enjoyed by everyone from all walks of society, including the Gods honored by the sporting event. The sporting tradition continues after centuries. It is still loved by many people around the world.

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Author: Emma Klarsten

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