Ancient Greek Olympic

In 776 B.C., the son of Zeus began a sporting festival to honor his father. These are now known as the ancient Greek Olympic Games.

These games were held near Mt Olympus, where the Greek gods lived and ruled over their people according to Greek mythology.

The ancient Greek Olympic Games allowed free men from Greece to participate in their athletic skills. They were watched by all the Greek gods, goddesses, and other high-powered individuals at the time.

Only a handful of events were held during the ancient Greek Olympic days. They were focused on running, boxing and wrestling. The ancient Greeks loved these celebrations, which were held once every four years.

Although the men of Greece were full of pride, passion, and would do anything to win the ancient Greek Olympic Games they were able to compete in, cheaters were common and there were many ways to catch them.

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You can still visit Greece today to see the location of the ancient games. Many great films have been made about this time period and the traditions and games that were held back then in Ancient Greece.

While the Olympics today are a global sporting event, it was a religious celebration back in Ancient Greece. Modern Olympics are a continuation of the ancient Olympics.

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They are as popular today as ever. While the Olympics were important in ancient Greece for different reasons, they are still very important today for world peace. It is also a time where many countries can enjoy their sport together.

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