Ancient Greece Olympic Games

Ancient Greece’s Olympic Games began in Olympia, Greece. It was named after Mt. Olympos. This is where the goddesses and gods of Greek mythology ruled.

These ancient Greek Olympic Games were held every four years. They were part of many ceremonies paying homage to Zeus, the Greek god.

The 776 B.C. was the year of the first Olympic events. Only free men from Greece were allowed in the ancient Greece Olympic Games.

The stade, a 200-foot foot race, was the main event in the games for the first 13 years. They added many other events over the next thirteen years.

After the stade, the first events that were held included diaulos, a 400-foot race, and dolichos, a foot race with an estimated total distance of around 4000 feet.

Over the years, many events were added to ancient Greece’s Olympic Games. Boxing was also added in honor of Patroclus who was the friend and best friend to Achilles the Great warrior.

These boxers wore leather straps on their hands instead of modern boxing gloves. These games featured many traditions, including the javelin throw and discus throw.

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Chariot races and jumping contests were also held. While the majority of women in Greece were not permitted to participate or attend the ancient Greece Olympic Games’, some were.

Modern Olympics include many more events, and they are a global sporting event. This is a far cry from the ancient Olympics which were more a tribute to Zeus.

Ancient Greece Olympics were originally part a festival to honor Zeus, the great Greek god. The most fascinating thing about Ancient Greece Olympics and their times is that everyone would stop doing everything in order to honor the Gods during the Olympiad events.

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All soldiers would stop fighting seven days prior to and seven days after the Ancient Greece Olympics, even if war was ongoing.

It was considered disrespectful to Gods to continue going about your normal business and fight. This was an important religious event that occurred every four years. The Olympics were considered to be a sacred time.

The Ancient Greece Olympics was only open to Greeks. They competed in boxing and javelin throwing. There were also long jumping and horse racing events.

For the Greeks, there were also running and wrestling events. The Ancient Greece Olympics featured only men as all the competitors were male.

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Women were also prohibited from participating in the Olympiad, and were therefore not permitted to vote, own property, or fight in any of the wars.

The Olympics are held in four different countries every four years with the summer and winter Olympics taking place every two years.

They were held in Olympia in ancient Greece from 776 B.C., when they were first believed to have begun.

They were held in Olympia until Theodosius II declared that idol worshipping sanctuaries should be banned. The Olympics were then abolished in 393 A.D. after twelve centuries.

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