1972 Munich Olympics

The 1972 Munich Olympics began as any other Olympics with an opening ceremony that was spectacular and many nervous athletes.

The 1972 Munich Olympics saw the participation of one hundred twenty-one nations. They competed in one hundred ninety five events.

A few demonstration sports were offered, including water skiing and badminton. The 1972 Munich Olympics featured many of the same sports as the summer Olympics.

After a long time, handball and archery were again events at the 1972 Munich Olympics. American swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals in this year’s world record.

Other historic events were also held at the Summer Olympics. The American basketball team had never lost in an Olympic basketball match.

They were 62-0 at the Olympics, but they lost to the Soviet Union. After some controversy, they declined the silver medal.

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A US swimmer was disqualified for using asthma medication. Two other Americans were also banned from Olympic competitions for being seen on the podium.

Six days left to the 1972 Munich Olympics, tragedy struck when terrorists entered the Olympic compound and killed two Jewish Israeli team members.

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Terrorists fought with the West German Police Department to kill the nine Israeli team members. This tragedy shocked the world and was referred to as The Munich Massacre.

American swimmer Mark Spitz was Jewish and was ordered to leave the country by officials fearing that he would be another victim to terrorist attacks.

The Olympic competition was suspended for twenty-four hours. A memorial service was held at the stadium, and the International Olympic Committee decided to continue the games.

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