1936 Summer Olympics

Berlin hosted the 1936 Summer Olympics, there was some controversy about where it would be held. It was possible that Barcelona, Spain was chosen instead.

Although the 1936 Summer Olympics were granted to Berlin before Hitler took power in Germany in Nazi Germany, the Germans wanted to be known for their Nazi beliefs.

The 1936 Summer Olympics was the first year the torch was lit in Olympia (Greece) and passed on to Berlin by relay. The torch was first used in this year’s Olympics, but it had not been passed on by the relay system before.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics saw the first television coverage of the Olympic Games. There were also forty-nine nations present, twelve more than in 1932.

Six nations also made their Olympic debut that year, including Burmuda (Costa Rica), Bolivia, Liechtenstein and Peru.

Many other firsts occurred during the 1936 Summer Olympics. The first basketball game was played in the Olympic Games.

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However, it had some problems the first year. A final game saw a very low score and the USA defeated Canada nineteen to 8.

It was raining outside, so the first Olympic basketball game was played on a muddy court. The players couldn’t even dribble, which is why it was so disappointing.

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All the spectators had to stand in the pouring rain, since there was no seating. There were only around one thousand people watching.

The 1936 Summer Olympics featured two demonstration sports: baseball and gliding. However, the next two Summer Olympics were cancelled by the war. Therefore, the Olympic Games did not return until 1948.

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